Mindful eatups during


We keep updating the mindful eatups map, so that you can easily explore places that keep fighting for sustainability with extra efforts during the pandemic.

It hasn't been easy to stay fully away from single-use during this pandemic, but...

It is possible!

So here are some tips that have worked for myself to keep making sustainable choices during these difficult times:

  • BYO is still on! Let's just sanitise it.

    We all need a quick escape from home and a little walk these days! So choosing takeaway instead of delivery (if we are absolutely symptomless), is our choice number one!
    We know that many people are asymptomatic, so using hand sanitiser of at least 60% alcohol is a must to clean our reusable containers before and after handing them to anyone else. Doing this in front of your barista or waitress/waiter is a good habit, even if they trust us, it is a good gesture for other costumers as well.
    Some cafes have implemented contactless coffee serving, with a special "drop-zone" where to put your cup, so they don't need to touch it. You can suggest this in a friendly manner and hopefully more places will start to accept in a wise and hygienic way our reusables.

  • Still won't accept it

    Even if this has not been a requirement by the government during COVID restrictions, well, we can't force them. So we basically have two options:
    1. Ask them to use their own reusable cup/plate so that you can pour it on your own.
    2. Check the next option on the eatups map and see if they have been checked as a reusable-friendly business.

  • Finally, zero symptoms or stay home.

    You already know this, but it shouldn't hurt to remind us all that if we have even the slightest symptoms, we should do delivery only. Takeaway and pick up are only for absolutely no symptoms, not even a light cough or sneeze.

And there are more ways you can help!

Do you know of a cafe or restaurant that keeps accepting reusable cups and containers, reduces takeaway plastics and mixed materials, or supports the community in special ways during these difficult times?

To help, just share a post on social media and tag us @mindfuleatups and we will update the information about this place in the eatups map. Please add hastags that represent the effort, like #BYO #reduceswaste #reusables #socialgood etc.

Please share it with us through our social media channels and we'll happily add it asap! #mindfuleatups

Do you have suggestions to add or updates to make?
Reach out through social media or share them to @mindfuleatups
If you want, you can also add places to the map. You'll need to be signed in to google. Please add details about their lockdown options under "description" where possible.

Please reach out through the app, leave us a text on Face or on Insta, we'd love to hear what you think.