Mindful food businesses

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Show your sustainable practices and how you make our world more yummy, better for the environment, for society and for people's health.

All efforts count!

Research shows that consumers are increasingly looking for more sustainable options in their food choices. We help them choose you for the good stuff you do.

Your food business is key to achieve our big sustainable goals for a planet to thrive. So we have set ourselves on a mission to support you and celebrate your sustainable efforts, like:

  • reducing food waste
  • lowering greenhouse emissions through choices on energy use, food sourcing, type of ingredients, etc.
  • support local and regenerative farmers
  • helping the vulnerable through employment or skill building
  • and other positive initiatives. Read more about our mindful categories.

We understand the complexity of our food system and that the demands of customers can sometimes make it difficult to be fully sustainable, so we acknowledge every effort and support you to make more changes step by step, making sure you get rewarded by the love of customers through your journey towards sustainability.

All participants will be able to show their efforts with, or without a score, on our digital platform and on their own business with our zero-waste show-off package.

We are starting trials for our verification process to make traceable efforts visible to consumers. Verified businesses will have a special place in the eatups app and in the heart of mindful foodies. If you're interested in participating on our trial and get visibility for pioneering a growing trend of mindful eating places, we'd love to chat.

Being recommended as a mindful business in our guide will give credibility to your efforts and increase your return on sustainable investment.

Food businesses play a huge role on changing consumer's behaviour towards more sustainable choices. And we believe that as a food businesses caring for society and our planet, you deserve extra attention and rewards for your efforts. If you tick one or more of our sustainable categories and you don't find yourself in our map yet, please reach out and tell us about it and we'll add you in.

Get in touch and help us create a more mindful eating world!