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Find places opened for takeaway or home delivery using the map below.

Lockdown Eatups food guide for mindful foodies a map with local food options that are still open during COVID-19 #mindfuleatups

I love that you're one of us, making our main priority to keep everyone safe while not forgetting to care about our planet. So here are some tips to keep making sustainable choices during the pandemic:

  • Zero symptoms or stay home.
    You already know this, but it shouldn't hurt to remind us all that if we have even the slightest symptoms, we should do delivery only. Takeaway and pick up are only for absolutely no symptoms, not even a light cough or sneeze.
  • BYO is still on! Let's just sanitise it.
    We all need a quick escape from home and a little walk these days! So choosing takeaway instead of delivery (if we are absolutely symptomless), is our choice number one!
    We know that many people are asymptomatic, so let's make sure we sanitise our own hands and the outside of our containers before handing them to others. Doing this when the other person is watching is a good habit, even if they trust us, it is a good gesture for other costumers as well.
  • Still won't accept it
    Well, we can't force them, so we basically have two options:
    1. Ask them to use their own reusable cup/plate so that you can pour it on your own.
    2. Place your container on the surface and ask them to poor the food/beverage without touching your own cup/container.
    3. If nothing works, check the next option on the map. I have only come across two places from all that I have visited during lockdown that won't accept option 1 or 2.

Do you have suggestions to add or updates to make?
Reach out through social media or share them to @mindfuleatups
If you want, you can also add places to the map. You'll need to be signed in to google. Please add details about their lockdown options under "description" where possible.

Please reach out through the app, leave us a text on Face or on Insta, we'd love to hear what you think.